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Epson Spider RS4-551S

The Spider RS4-Series is a new species of four-axis SCARA robot, designed like a human arm, to work on horizontal planes. It's ideal for fast pick-and-place applications and assembly processes.

Cylindrical envelope

The RS4 is the first and only SCARA robot with a perfectly cylindrical envelope, meaning it can reach 100 percent of its area of activity, maximising productivity and minimising space requirement. The RS4's 550mm arm is capable of performing tasks previously limited to much larger robots, and can handle payloads up to 4kg.

Compact high performance

RS4-Series Spider robots offer performance among the best in the industry, with very low cycle times, even during extended use. A unique high-rigidity arm design means very low residual vibration, with smooth start and stop motion, even at high speeds.

Outstanding versatility

Spider RS4-Series robots can be used in a huge range of industries, from assembling automotive components, mobile phones and computer parts, to creating medical equipment and packaging medications, not to mention lab automation and scientific analysis.

Características principales

  • Versatile Spider robot: Ideal for fast-paced pick-and-place tasks in compact cells
  • Cylindrical envelope: Can make use of 100 percent of its work area
  • Short cycle times: Cycle times are very low, even during extended use
  • Fully integrated: Complete Epson solution including robot, controller and software
  • Versatile and flexible: An ideal solution for applications from automotive to pharmaceutical

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Epson Spider RS4-551S Ficha técnica
Epson Spider  RS4-551S

Datos técnicos

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SKU: R15S100401
  • General

    robot SPIDER 4 ejes
    nom. 1 kg, máx. 4 kg
    Alcance horizontal
    550 mm
    Alcance vertical
    Eje 3: 130 mm
    Alcance orientación
    J4: +/- 720 °
    Repetibilidad horizontal
    +/- 0,015 mm
    Repetibilidad vertical
    J3: +/- 0,01 mm
    Repetibilidad orientación
    J4: +/- 0,01 °
    Momento de inercia permitido
    nom. 0,005 kg*m², máx. 0,05 kg*m²
    Cableado eléctrico de usuario
    1x D-Sub 15 pin
    Cableado neumático de usuario
    3x (1x4 mm Ø y 2x6 mm Ø)
    Eje Z
    Ø Exterior: 11 mm
    Potencia de inserción
    150 N
    20 kg
    Epson RC180, Epson RC620 / RC620+
    Opción montaje
    Clase de protección IP
    Cable de alimentación y señal
    3 m, 5m, 10m, 20m
    2 juegos de soportes para montaje del controlador de robot (RC180), Copia de seguridad del controlador de robot (RC180), Conexión para E/S estándar, Conector de parada de emergencia, Epson RC con CD del programa y simulador incluido, Robot y controlador Epson, Grasa para el eje (50 g), Instalación / Manual de seguridad, Ratón y teclado (para RC620), Cable de alimentación y señal (3 m), Juego de conectores para cables de usuario, TP/OP conexión bypass (ya instalada), Cable de programación USB (para RC180)
    Directiva sobre maquinaria: EN 60204-1, Directiva EMC: EN 55011, Directiva EMC: EN 60950, Directiva RoHS: 2002/92/CE, ANSI/RIA: R15.06-1999

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